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Our Coastal Avian Experience

The North Carolina coast is one of the top rated regions for bird biodiversity. The impressively unique geography of our region provides a rare opportunity to birders, as multiple ecosystems come together in a beautiful medley of habitats.

St. James is included in the Atlantic Flyway which is a primary migratory route for birds spanning the eastern coastline of the United States. We, therefore, have a front row seat to a remarkable display of migratory birds and waterfowl. Take a moment when you are out and about to notice the abundant shorebirds around St. James. In the .pdf below, you will see that approximately 108 species of birds have been identified here!

Check our impressive list of St. James birds from
our dedicated birders!

We are refreshing the St. James Birder Group and request your participation. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our group or learning more about us! Send email to: 

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The Backyard Experience

Wildlife, including birds, always find a home where the surroundings provide all the elements to provide food, cover, water, and a place to raise young. If any of these elements are missing, or they don't feel safe, they will move on to "greener pastures". 

By creating a bird friendly habitat, you will add the joy of seeing a large variety of songbirds, year around.

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Order a Bluebird House

New Bluebird House Orders Now Open. Deliveries begin June 29th.

St. James Conservancy has made arrangements with one of our partner organizations to supply these exceptional quality Bluebird houses to St. James residents at a huge discount. Our special offer is $24.00 each, with no delivery charge.
While you wait for delivery, download and read a free information document on Bluebirds and nest box placement.

Payment due at delivery.

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