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We the People...

"...Only the purpose of a coherent community, fully alive both in the world and in the minds of its members, can carry us beyond fragmentation, contradiction, and negativity, teaching us to preserve, not in opposition but in affirmation and affection, all things needful to make us glad to live."

— Wendell Berry

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St. James Conservancy not only makes a statement through our actions, we speak for those things that have no voice. From contacting your local, state, and national leaders, to sending a "Letter to the Editor", this too is conservation. Help us in our fight against clear cutting. Speak up about water quality. Join us in protecting crucial wildlife habitat.
Will you be the voice?

A Call to action

man writing a letter
quote from E. Brockovich

Letters written by your neighbors

Representative Charles W. Miller,


Please support the VETO and all avenues to stop Senate Bill 582, Section 15 from becoming law. We need to protect our coastal wetlands and in fact support their protection even further. They are an important asset to the promotion of the lucrative tourist opportunities as well as growth and protection of our natural resources, including marine life!.

To support our position, please take note of the following.


In the CAMA Core plan, Brunswick County commits to “preserve and enhance natural resources; protect the water quality of our streams, protect wetlands, and shorelines.” St James is doing its part in assisting the county in meeting its’ objectives!


St James Conservancy

“Conserve and Protect our Natural Resources”!

1.) Promote education, fellowship, friendship, knowledge of, and interest in environmental as well as conservation practices to bring our community to a higher standard.

2.) Support and grow our UNCW Research Sanctuary (Living Shoreline – Oyster Reefs) and Audubon Bird Sanctuary, while identifying other opportunities.

3.) Protect and educate our community on the 42.4% (2,455 of the 5,785-acres) of our community that are under Preservation/Conservation Stewardship.

4.) Provide a meeting opportunity to bring together the many St James’ clubs and organizations with conservation objectives such as Ponds, Garden, Fishing, Energy, Trails, Recycling, Fire Wise, Turtle Watch, CARES, etc. for educational purposes to share ideas and develop new approaches, initiatives, projects, etc.

5.) Demonstrate commitment, leadership, and results to other communities!

Conservation begins with Education!

Thank you, Mr. Iler!

   Taylor President – St. James Conservancy!

J. Taylor Ryan

2608 Mariners Way SE

St. James Plantation

Southport, NC 28461-8512

Note: Same letter also sent to Representative Charles W. Miller.

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