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St. James Conservancy

The St. James Conservancy was founded in 2022 with a far-reaching mission

of pursuing land preservation, coastal conservation, and public education.

About St. James Conservancy

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St. James Conservancy is made up of volunteers from the community who have a passion for the conservation of our region's natural resources. We are located within the small coastal community of St. James, North Carolina, just inland from Oak Island in Brunswick County. We conserve and protect our natural resources through a number of community events which include the following:

  • Promote education, fellowship, friendship, knowledge of, and interest in environmental and conservation practices to bring our community to a higher standard.

  • Support and grow our UNCW Research Sanctuary (Living Shoreline - Oyster Reefs) and Audubon Bird Sanctuary, while identifying other opportunities.

  • Protect and educate our community on the 42.4% (2,455 of the 5,785 acres) of our community that are under Preservation/Conservation Stewardship.

  • Provide meeting opportunities to bring together the many St. James clubs and organizations with conservation objectives such as Ponds, Garden, Fishing, Trails, Recycling, FireWise, Turtle Watch, CARES, etc., for education purposes to share ideas and develop new approaches, initiatives, projects, etc.

  • Demonstrate commitment, leadership, and results to other communities in coastal Carolina.


Conservation begins with Education!


St. James Conservancy 501(c)(3)


Executive Board

President: J. Taylor Ryan

Vice President: Gerry Rosenthal

Secretary: Rosie Tiani

Treasurer: Jo Ann Klug

Members at Large: Duane Stewart

                                 Ernie McLaney

Consulting Members: Troy D. Alphin, UNCW Senior Research Associate

                                      Dick Lefebvre, Conservation Advisor

Membership: $25 per year, per household.

Click here to download membership application.

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Help us preserve the beauty of St James NC.


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