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St. James conservancy

The st. James Conservancy was founded in 2022, with a far-reaching mission in pursuing land preservation, conservation, and public education,



Conserve and Protect Our Natural Resources

  • Promote education, fellowship, friendship, knowledge of, and interest in environmental and conservation practices to bring our community to a higher standard.

  • Support and grow our UNCW Research Sanctuary (Living Shoreline - Oyster Reefs) and Audubon Bird Sanctuary, while identifying other opportunities.

  • Protect and educate our community on the 42.4% (2,455 of the 5,785 acres) of our community that are under Preservation/Conservation Stewardship.

  • Provide a meeting opportunity to bring together the many St. James clubs and organizations with conservation objectives such as Ponds, Garden, Fishing, Trails, Recycling, FireWise, Turtle Watch, CARES, etc., for education purposes to share ideas and develop new approaches, initiatives, projects, etc.

  • Demonstrate commitment, leadership, and results to other communities.

Conservation begins with Education!

St. James Conservancy 501(c)(3)

Executive Board

President: J. Taylor Ryan

Vice President: Dick Lefebvre

Secretary: Rosie Tiani

Treasurer: Jo Ann Klug

Members: Jeff Mount

Members: Troy D. Alphin, UNCW Senior Research Associate

Membership: $25 per household

Click here to download membership application


Thank you from

The Royal Order of the Honorary St James Oyster

On Thursday, June 23, “Living Shoreline” by our 115 Multigenerational Citizen Scientists was a huge success with our UNCW Professor and graduate/undergraduate student leaders, as well as South Brunswick High School Aquaculture Teacher and students. We placed 800-bags of oyster shells and planted almost 2,200 plugs of Spartina Alterniflora marsh grasses, all of which are contributing as an Ecological Service to prevent erosion yet provide a habitat for marine life, among many other benefits. Each oyster cleans 30-50-gallons of water a day (actually, a bathtub full). 

Our scientists included many grandchildren who carried oyster shell bags and planted grasses, working along our shoreline while attending also UNCW student workshops with samples of our marine life.

Our next event will be in September to also include classes of our High School students.

Please see the 15-minute video of our event at by Chuck Gardner.

Thank you to all, J. Taylor Ryan, Project Founder and Leader - The Royal Order of the Honorary St James Oyster

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