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Separating Waste

Recycling Works!
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If you are either new to St James or haven’t yet signed up for recycling, please click on the GFL tab for pricing, pick up schedules and contact details. As of 7/30/23, it cost you $186 annually.

That’s $.51 a day to do the right thing and help our planet. 

Did you know that there are new processes and technologies that make recycling more efficient and cost effecting? Managing our trash is everyone's business and all of us need to do our part to minimize what ends up in the landfill. Recycling works if we follow the basic instructions noted here. Our recycled products are collected by GFL and transported to a transfer station at the Brunswick County Landfill, then hauled to a material recovery facility north of Wilmington where the recycled material is sorted and processed to be reused. This facility recycles up to 80% of all of its incoming receipts. Check out our research here to see what's new.

According to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, 90% of all recycled materials that are reprocessed in North Carolina stay in the Southeast US.

Click on the GFL tab for pricing, pick-up schedules and contact details. 

Be sure you check out our presentation to SJ Town Council in the .pdf (powerpoint) at the bottom of this page.

Separating Waste


We did extensive research to provide you the facts. Click below for our 8/17/23 presentation to SJ Town Council.
Recycle research
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