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All Hands In

Welcome Members!

Paid membership certainly has its values that you will come to enjoy. The more you participate and support the many conservation efforts of St. James Conservancy, the more you will feel empowered, develop a since of pride, and realize the joy of knowing that you are making a difference.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Access to our "Resources" page where you can view and/or download over 125 files of valuable information related to our mission, the environment, wildlife, and concepts of sustainability.  Here are two examples:

  • You can submit your favorite resource for consideration.

  • You can view our full "Member" list as it grows, and see other like-minded neighbors who share your interests. This list is not available to anyone except verified paid members.

  • Your membership provides much needed financial support which enables us to expand our programs, projects, speaker series, and day trips. Members have first options.

  • Let's get to know each other better and work as a team. 

  • Have a question about SJC or our membership? Contact our president; J. Taylor Ryan at the email below.

  • One more thing. Join and "Like" us on Facebook.


St. James Conservancy offers many opportunities for you to not only support our community, but to expand your knowledge, meet like minded people, feed your passion, and enhance your well being. Here are a few of the focus areas we invite you to try out:

  • Recycling

  • Birding

  • Day Trips

  • The Living Shoreline

  • NWF Community Wildlife Habitat

  • Environmental Education - Speaker Series

  • Programs and ideas

  • Membership






  • Facebook
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