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bird photo shoot
Image by Saiteja Varma

Our Coastal Avian Experience

The North Carolina coast is one of the top rated regions for bird biodiversity. The impressively unique geography of our region provides a rare opportunity to birders, as multiple ecosystems come together in a beautiful medley of habitats.  St. James is included in the Atlantic Flyway which is a primary migratory route for birds spanning the eastern coastline of the United States. We, therefore, have a front row seat to a remarkable display of migratory birds and waterfowl.

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It's all about habitat!

All birds visit, eat, live, and raise young only in those places where they feel safe and the area provides their preferred habitat. If any element is missing, they may move on to "greener pastures". 

We have the collective ability here in St. James, to create valuable habitat, enhance what is already here, and welcome a host of bird species into our community.

We invite you to become active with this group and learn more, experience more, and share more.

List "Birding" as one of your Member Interests, keep an eye on the calendar for birding events, and check out our " Members Resource" page for related documents. 

painted bunting
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